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After you get a new pet, the amount of advice that you receive on how to train your pet nearly rivals the amount of advice that current parents like to offer to new parents. What you should be doing, what you should be feeding, how you should be tackling the pet training that any pet needs, are all common sets of advice that are offered by everyone who has ever owned a pet. Even if the only pet they ever owned was a dog that died when they were six, everyone has something to say about pet training.  Everyone thinks they had the greatest and best dog that ever was, and although everyone who thinks that was is right, that does not mean everyone you meet is a reputable source of dog training information.

The first thing that you should take into account about pet training is your lifestyle. It’s important to understand what it is you need from your companion animal just as it is important to understand what they need to be happy as well.  Although you may have visions of social media fame with a skateboarding dog, the reality is not every pup has the interest or ability to master that kind of trick. While there are certain truths and things that should be taught to your pet, not every tip and trick is applicable. These tips and tricks are subjective, varying on the needs of the pet and the pet owner. Some dogs, for example, no matter how much pet training you give, just have no interests in learning to play fetch, but they will learn and master a variety of other games. Maybe they are more interested in tug-of-war.  It’s really up to not only the breed, but also the temperament and personality of each indivdual dog.  You know how some cats have so much personality they are descrobed as being “like a dog”?  Well, sometimes your dog is going to be just like a cat.  It’s your job to understand their personality and train around that instead of forcing a dog to be something they aren’t.  On the other hand, there are aspects of pet training that must be taught, regardless of how stubborn or compliant as your pet may be.

Secondly, you should formulate a plan that revolves around pet training, this includes finding a facility that will help you to meet your pet training goals. Many of the various pet need super centers and local pet stores offer some form of pet training class. These classes not only allow you to socialize your pet, this being especially important if there is not another pet in your home) but ensuring that there are multiple people taking advantage of the lessons in pet training to ensure that you are not the only person who can get your pet to listen to simple commands.  Socialization is critically important to the mental health and wellbeing of your companion.  Introducing your dog to new fuzz friends allows them to see that other dogs are not threats.  That makes going on walks easier, as well as allows for future animals to entire the home without incident.

When seeking to begin that period of pet training with your new pet, it’s important to find a pet trainer that is able to respect and maintain your schedule. Those people who work third shift, or work other odd hours, this is often a difficult task. For the sake of convenience, there are websites that offer pet training through an online pet trainer, making the education of your pet a convenient task.  Just like you can’t force a dog to be something they aren’t, you can’t always be able to squeeze dog training classes in at 3 pm.  Life is busy and online pet training services respect that.  What important is consistency.  Needless to say, even the smartest dog doesn’t know how to use a watch.  Build a schedule for your dog around your hours, but make that consistent.  If you work third shift and you have to feed your dog breakfast at 2 in the afternoon, feed them at that same time every single day.  By adding consistency, compassion and understanding to your dog training, you’ll not only have a well behaved pup, you’ll have a relationship you can count on for years.