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As with everything else, pet training has emigrated to the digital age. There are now online pet trainers available for pets who have emotional or other issues. Pet training online takes different forms that traditional training that people charter for their pets. Generally, this training is used for dogs or cats, but theoretically it can be extrapolated to use with other species. Online pet trainers are often simply certified professionals who offer advice and creative ideas for pet training through a website, chatroom, or social media website. Some of these options are offered through the websites of other pet related businesses, such as PetSmart or local pet stores or adoption agencies.

Online pet trainers are often an easier option for many people who have a pet, but they also have other significant responsibilities that preclude a weekly appointment or obedience training through an accredited pet institution. Online pet training allows laypeople to easily and effectively train their dogs without the hassle of scheduling and making appointments with a physical trainer. Some of these online pet training websites are simply forums for pet enthusiasts, owners, trainers, and breeders to trade their tips and tricks for training pets. If nothing else, they offer a wealth of information for the uninformed or new pet owner.

Training is often essential for pets, as many are adopted from shelters where they did not receive certain kinds of attention or where they had been placed after traumatic events and abusive situations. These factors lead to things like aggression problems, inability to follow commands, being overly noisy, and more. However, traditional pet training may not be an option for some families because of financial or scheduling issues, and online pet trainers give these families opportunities to work with their dog and juggle everything else!