Pet Training is Essential to a Happy Life

If you have a dog than pet training is likely a topic you are familiar with. While no one expects their dog to be as highly trained as service dogs, we would all like pups that at least respond to the basic commands.

There is no doubt that training your dog is imperative. A properly trained dog is a dog that is safer. Additionally, training your dog helps you to avoid relationship problems with your dog because they potty in the house or chew up furniture. How do you get it done? The experts make it look so easy. You can do it just follow a few simple tips.

Let’s Dispel Some Myths First

You do not have to have tons of real estate to have a dog. A lot of people put off getting their first pup until they buy a house, that is nonsense. It is not necessary to have tons of space filled with dog playsets to have a well-trained dog. Have a safe fenced in area with LED landscape lighting is nice, but as long as the dog has room to exercise and as taken for frequent walks, you’ll have a happy pup.

Another big myth is that you “cannot teach an old dog new tricks”. While it can be hard to break some bad habits in older dogs it does not mean that you cannot do it. It also does not mean that older dogs are unteachable. It does mean that you will have to work a little harder to break bad habits as your pup ages.

Every dog is trainable. Dogs just need to know what they should be doing to keep you and the rest of the pack happy. With direction, love, and consistency any dog can change their ways. Of course, the best time to start training your dog is when they are a puppy, but if that shipped has sailed, don’t give up.

Here Are Things To Avoid

Never, ever, raise your hand to your dog, never hit them with a newspaper or any other object. It is cruel and completely unnecessary to physically punish your dog. Additionally, physical punishment can backfire in the worst way.

Hitting a dog can cause the dog to associate your hands as a threat. When dogs feel threatened they can become aggressive because that is their only defense. Do NOT hit your dog.

Making it all about the treats is also not a great way to train your pup. Sure, you should use treats at the beginning of the training, but then wean them off. This way they continue to respond to commands even when there is no food reward.

The goal of a pet training program is to create a relationship between you and your pet where they respond to commands out of love for you. If you give your dog a chance they will fall in line and respond the way you want them too.

The biggest problem with pet training is usually the human doing the training. Some common issues that can keep your pet from succeeding in their training include:

  • Inconsistency. The quickest way to fail at pet training is to lack consistency. Your dog needs a consistent training schedule and some firm ground rules to succeed at training.
  • Lacking firmness. If you want to train your dog to stay out of the crawl space under the house, you have to make it clear all the time, that the space is off-limits. You cannot ignore the behavior when you do not want to deal with it. Firm consistency is the ticket to training your dog.
  • Worrying about hurting the dog’s feelings. It can be very hard to tell your precious pet no, but it is something you need to get used to. Saying “no”, correcting unwanted behavior, and dealing with those sad eyes is just a part of the process.

Training your dog will be a lot easier if you get in the right headspace and are committed to the process. You have to establish yourself as a pack leader and consistently lay down the law to your dog to get the best results.

A little over 20% of dog owners say that their dog is trained to roll over, while over 90% of dog owners said that their dog responds to the sit command. What does that tell you? Start simple. The simpler the command the easier it will be for your pet to find success with their pet training.

Before you ever get to the sit, stay, commands, start with making sure your dog understands the only place they should potty is outside. You do not have to spend hours hiking around with your dog to get them to potty if you do things the right way.

Potty training 101 is really training that bladder and the bowels as well as curating the wanted behavior. An easy way to start potty training is a walk outside 30 minutes after eating, every single time they eat. If you feed on the same schedule every day without veering off course, it can make potty training easier.

Beware, puppies have tiny bladders, so a good rule of thumb is to invite them to potty outside every hour until they get a little bigger. Some people get creative. They take artificial grass for a lawn and put it on the patio and teach Fido to potty there when they are young so they do not have to walk them every hour or so.

Make going to the bathroom outside a big deal. When your dog eliminate where they are supposed to be generous with the praise and give them treat, just so they know what a great choice they are making.

It is a process that can be frustrating at times, but with patience and consistency eventually, your pup will get the idea, and you will be able to have fewer rug cleaning events. If there are accidents scolding after the fact really doesn’t do any good. Clean it up and move forward.

You have to be able to control your dog not only because it makes life easier but because it is safer for your dog. You never want to make it okay for your dog to take off and keep on running. Sit, stay and come are the three biggest commands to focus on.

If your dog will respond to the sit command, and the stay command, as well as come when they are called it will help you to feel confident in taking your dog places and having company over.

Sit is the easiest of the three. Getting your dog to sit starts with just saying “sit” while you press lightly on their backside and give them a treat when they comply. Just keep doing it over and over again. The more you do it the quicker they will learn.

Once you get your dog to respond to the sit command, the next one to work on is the stay command. Sit and stay go hand in hand. Repeat “stay” in a strong firm voice as you step backward and away from the dog. Every time they get up to follow you, repeat the sit command, have them sit, and start over again. Bring the treat to them when you feel they have sat long enough (about 5 seconds initially).

An important part of pet training is socialization. A lot of pet owners get nervous when their dog is in contact with a strange dog. It is important that you are fully relaxed when your pet meets new dogs or people. They will feed off your tension and in turn, will feel tense themselves.

The best time to socialize your dog is when they are young and to do it in non-territorial spaces. For example, a dog park is a good place. Bringing your dog to someone’s home to meet their dog can be a risk unless the other dog is completely socialized and does not mind visitors in their yard.

Dogs are pack animals which means they need companionship and they thrive when they can meet new dogs and new people with confidence. The sooner you acclimate them to the other inhabitants in the world the better off they will be emotionally.

A lot of unwanted behaviors are related to anxiety in dogs. Most of the anxiety comes from not understanding if humans or other dogs are a threat. Pet training should include socialization to help alleviate feelings of anxiety about the unknown.

Training Tools

Treats and toys are great training tools. You can also fill a bottle with a few pennies to use that as a training tool. When your dog is in the middle of an unwanted behavior like digging up the hydroseeding or tearing up a fence you just installed in the yard, shake that bottle and give them a firm no. The bottle shaking will absolutely get their attention and stop the behavior immediately.

Treats in training should be used sparingly. It can be tempting to hand them out every few minutes but you should really make your dog work hard for that treat. If you give them out too often, they become less of a treat and more of an expectation.

Instead of reaching for treats all the time, reach for their favorite toy. Show them the toy and let them know they cannot have it until they respond to the command.

Pet training is work but it should be fun as well. Your dog should look forward to spending time with you. The more fun you make the more willing your pup will be to participate. There is nothing more rewarding for your dog than your attention. They love when they make you happy and when you exuberantly praise them.

Try to hold training sessions at the same time every day. Make training your special time and give your dog your full attention. It is a great way to bond and a great way to develop the behaviors that you want in your pet.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you feel like you just are not making progress don’t be afraid to get some professional help. Fewer than 50% of dog owners take their dog to a professional training class. A group class has two clear benefits. You get to socialize your dog and you get that professional support that could be a game-changer for you.

As mentioned earlier in many cases it is not the pet’s inability to learn, it is the trainer’s inability to teach that affects the outcome. A professional training environment can help you both to learn the things you need to know.

If you have tried everything that you can do including the professional group class it may be time to look into a professional dog boarding training type situation. Sending your dog to a boarding training school can be difficult but it can be the best solution when you have tried to do it yourself and gotten no results.

Improving Your Relationship With Your Dog

One of the biggest benefits there are to having a well-trained dog is that it will help you to really enjoy your relationship with your dog. An unruly pet can cause property damage, bite, act aggressively toward other animals, and really be hard to live with.

Taking the time to figure out pet training will ensure that you and your pet enjoy a strong bond and want to spend time together. Your pet will enhance your life as few things can. Pet training ensures that your pet is calm and relaxed and able to fully enjoy the lifestyle that you provide for them.

Four Benefits of Dog Grooming

In the U.S about 36.5% of the households have a dog. Well-groomed, clean pooches are a pleasure to cuddle and snuggle with. However, all the attention is what makes dog ownership a rewarding experience. Dog grooming can at times be an uphill task that could make you impatient, but the rewards are worth the effort. Here are the benefits of doggy grooming.

1.Improved Temperament

Majority of pet owners are aware that there is a direct correlation between dog behavior and dog handling. The same goes when it comes to dog grooming and doing so regularly is an ideal way of both keeping dogs healthy and improving temperament. Grooming for doggies is a rewarding experience that keeps them at ease in social settings and doubles up as a way of increasing bonding with your pet.

2.Better Petting Experience

The care that comes with dog grooming serves as a solid foundation that help dogs know that there is no problem with someone touching them. Should it be tha Continue reading Four Benefits of Dog Grooming

Why You Should Get Boots for Your Horse

About 7 million people ride horses in the United States every year. Horses work hard and are, therefore, prone to strain. While they can withstand massive weights and stress, high-quality leg protection ensure that the horse is free from injury. Investing in high-quality boots and horse wraps is one of the best ways to protect your horse. Equine horse boots protect the legs during riding, injury rehabilitation, and lunging.

The most important reason why you should boot your horse is to prevent injury. While there is a lot of advancement in treatment, injuries-especially in the tendons, will require long periods of rehabilitation and rest. Proper booting supports the tendons and hence reduces fatigue during work.

Remember both the front and hind legs are prone to bruising and cuts. Without external support, your horse can easily damage the ligaments, tendons, and split bones. Regardless of whether you keep a horse for companion or racing, it is prudent to protect it wit Continue reading Why You Should Get Boots for Your Horse

Here are 3 Tips for Teaching Your Dog Obedience

About 78 million dogs are owned by households across the United States. This works out to almost half of the households in the country owning at least one dog. While many dogs are purchased or adopted fully grown, many more are brought home as young puppies, which means that they will need to be trained to be obedient both to you and everyone who lives in the house with you. Dog obedience training isn’t easy, but thankfully there are some tips for you you can make it easier on yourself and your pet. This article will take a look at a few of those tips.

  • Invest in Dog Training Classes: One tip for teaching your dog obedience is to invest in dog training classes. It’s relatively easy to find places that offer short term obedience courses, and they’re worth the cost since you’ll be taking your dog to a professional that knows how to work with dogs. While it’s not impossible to train your dog by yourself at home, it can often be far easier to use a dog training class because n Continue reading Here are 3 Tips for Teaching Your Dog Obedience

The Many Needs for Self-Treatment of Your Pets by Using Therapy Dog Beds and Other Treatments

Most American households have at least one pet, providing a great need for pet therapy and treatment of their health issues. Some of the most common injuries and issues faced by dogs and other pets include arthritis and dysplasia. These issues also occur in horses and other large pets, even more often in those that weigh about 2,300 pounds. Now, there is one way to help with the injuries of your dog through the use of a therapy dog bed. There are additional products that help with these treatments, including dog leg wraps.

Additional Pet Therapy Products

With a lot of movement over the years, dogs tear up their joints a great deal. Some of the most common therapy products include dog leg wraps, while therapy dog beds can be helpful for rest and recovery. A number of different products can help with the in-home treatment of your pet’s aches and pains, reducing the need for medi Continue reading The Many Needs for Self-Treatment of Your Pets by Using Therapy Dog Beds and Other Treatments

Keeping Pets Healthy Requires Careful Attention to Many Details

This summers extremely hot temperatures and abundance of rain has meant some difficult situations in many places of the country. In the south, for instance, there are many property owners dealing with flooding that is even worse in some cases than what was seen with Hurricane Harvey. In the midwest there are long stretches of interstate that are closed for flooding and many acres of agricultural fields that are sitting empty. And while we may often thing of humans and how we are affected by these extreme weather conditions, there are also problems that jeopardize the health of our pets.
In fact, emergency veterinary clinics in many parts of the country are reporting about dogs who have been exposed to dangerous blue green algae conditions in lakes and reservoirs.
Even if an animal only drinks one small bowl of water that an unsuspecting owner fills, the results can be deadly. It is important to realize the warning signs, which include, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, twitching, s Continue reading Keeping Pets Healthy Requires Careful Attention to Many Details

Purchasing Indestructible Dog Crate Pads for Your Pet Dog

Having a pet dog at home can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in life. The spirit of loyalty, companionship, and love that you can experience if you have a pet dog at home can be unparalleled in its fulfillment. Taking care of your pet dog can also instill in you the sense of responsibility as the health and well-being of your pet dog will depend on your care. There can be a number of things to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of your pet dog and all of these things need adequate attention if you want your pet dog to be comfortable, relaxed, and healthy at home.

One of the most important things that you need to get right at the very outset is giving your pet dog the right place to sleep and relax. Having a designated bed for your pet dog can be very important in many ways. This creates a more familiarized routine when it comes to sleeping habits and can solve a lot of problems. Finding the right dog bed can definitely be a chore and can take up a l Continue reading Purchasing Indestructible Dog Crate Pads for Your Pet Dog

Why Should You Neuter Your Pet?

To neuter is to love, okay well maybe not exactly, but when you neuter your pet you are taking the steps to help keep them safe and healthy. SPCA neuter options can be very affordable. Many adoption agencies for pets require that you agree to neuter or spay your pet with good reason.

Spaying applies to female sterilization, and neutering applies to male sterilization. Most people understand that spaying and neutering is an important part of keeping pet populations down, but that is not the only reason it is important for your pet.

Keep Your Fella Home

The urge for a male cat or a male dog to procreate is a driving force. It can promote bad and dangerous behavior. A male dog will break out if a female is in heat in a 1-mile radius to get to her. They will go through great extremes to get to a female in heat, which can result in putting themselves in danger.

A male cat or “tomcat” has the same drive. They will go to extremes to get to a female Continue reading Why Should You Neuter Your Pet?

4 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Dog to Daycare

grooming company

If you are a dog owner, you likely view your pet as an important member of your family. And if so, you aren’t alone! The United States is home to over 75 million pet dogs—more than any other country—and of those, almost half of dogs in the U.S. sleep in their owner’s beds. As such, we’re all looking for ways to improve the quality and longevity of our pets’ lives: feeding them organic pet food, taking trips to the dog park, and jogging around the neighborhood.

But why not give your dog a little pampering, too? When you send your dog to a daytime pet daycare and groomer, you can help them feel healthier and happier. Below are the top four benefits to signing your pooch up for daycare.

1. Dog daycare isn’t just for overnight boarding.

In fact, daycare for pets comes with a variety of benefits for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Your dog can play in an outdoor, open space, socializing with other dogs and exercising more frequently. Simply drop your pup off on your way to work in the morning, and then pick them up on the way home! You can also drop your dog off on weekends while you run errands.

Depending on the routine that you want to create for your pet, you can sign them up for daycare as often as you prefer. In addition to daytime care, overnight, cage-free boarding services are also available. Our services are designed to make your dog comfortable when they are in our care.

2. At daycare, a grooming company can give your pup a haircut.

If you or your family has a demanding schedule, bath time is one facet of pet care that often gets overlooked. In addition to general daycare, a grooming company is available on site. A professional grooming company can shampoo and trim your dog’s coat during their day of play. This saves you additional time, as well as another appointment or trip across town.

Grooming, in addition to daycare, is designed with your dog’s health and comfort in mind. At the end of the day, you’ll pick up a happy, clean cut pooch!

3. If you work long hours, daycare can help your pup stay on their routine.

Creating a consistent routine is an important part of maintaining your dog’s health. But if you have a long commute or a demanding work schedule, it can be difficult to walk, feed, and play with your dog on a regular schedule. At daycare, a professional team watches your dog and keeps their routine in mind, minimizing stress on both you and your pet.

With daycare services, you can trust that your dog—no matter their age—is being cared for by fun and qualified professionals.

4. Your dog can have extra room to romp around, leash free!

Socialization is another important aspect of your dog’s health that’s easily overlooked when you’re short on time. Daycare can give your dog plenty of space to play with other dogs. This can incorporate more exercise and socialization into your pet’s routine. They may also feel more comfortable with other breeds of dogs, making future trips to the dog park go smoother.

Remembering the Four Legged Heroes of September 11

We remember the heroics and sacrifices made by first responders on September 11, 2001, but the stories of the four legged heroes are not as well known.  In the hours and days after the event rescue dogs worked side by side with their handlers to find victims buried in the rubble. Although not as celebrated as their human counterparts, these brave dogs risked their lives to save those who were trapped.


The longest living rescue dog from that day was a Golden Retriever named Bretagne (pronounced Brittnay).  As a 2 year old Bretagne worked side by side with the other rescue workers for ten grueling days locating survivors.  After the events of 9/11/01, Bretagne also worked hard in search, rescue and recovery events after hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ivan.  Formally retiring from search work at age 9, Bretagne continued to work as a goodwill ambassador and a reading assistance dog at her local elementary school.  Bretagne lived nearly 17 years, passing on June 6, 2016. As she entered to animal hospital local firefighter lined the sidewalk and saluted. Her life had such an impact in her community, there is currently a life-size bronze statue of her in a Houston suburb.  On days like today, people can visit the statue to reflect on what a good dog with a big heart can accomplish.

 dog training

Bretagne received her dog training from her owner, and handler, Denise Corliss.  Corliss, who was a volunteer firefighter, began training Bretagne at only 8 weeks old.


Coby and Guinness were two other dogs who used their extensive dog training to save lives on that fateful day.  These two labrador retrievers worked 12 hour shifts for 11 days straight, their only rewards being a nap or a chew toy.  Together they were able to locate the remains of dozens of people in the rubble and debris. These two dogs used their extensive dog training to bring closure to dozens of families, and for that we can never thank them enough.

 dog training

The story of Jake just might be the most heart warming of all the hero dogs of that day.  Found as a stray and suffering from several serious injuries to his hip and leg, Jake was nursed back to health by a first responder named Mary Flood.  Flood introduced Jake to extensive dog training, which he took to like a natural. On 9/11, jake worked for 17 days helping in the rescue, and eventually, recovery efforts.  In his later years, Jake helped train a new generation of rescue dogs as well as working as a therapy dog at a nursing home in Utah. Jake, the dog who was found hurt and alone, repaid the kindness shown to him by dedicating his life to helping people in trouble.  Although it took a great deal of dog training for Jake to fulfill his destiny, his story is a testament to all the dogs out there. Love, compassion, and effective dog training can allow even the forgotten dogs to become heroes.


On this day we rightfully celebrate the first responders who rushed towards danger in order to save lives.  However, during our reflection, let’s remember the hero dogs as well. Bretagne, Cody, Guinness, Jake, and hundreds of other brave dogs risked their lives in order to help.  These dogs worked tirelessly to find trapped civilians and even in the following years used their dog training to offer comfort as emotional support dogs and therapy dogs. As we remember and honor those who lost their lives, let us also remember and honor those dogs who stood by their side.

Life After That Day

The tragic events of that day showed us many things: the strength and resilience of the American people, the selflessness of the first responders, and the value of service dogs in search and rescue operations.  From their training, experience and breed, search and rescue dogs can be classified two ways: air-scenting and trailing dogs.  An air scent dog specifically locates human scent, whereas the trailing dog can be trained to focus on any specific scent, human or no.  A drug or bomb sniffing dog would be an example of a trailing dog as they are trained to focus in on the scent of those particular objects.  The dogs of 9/11 were primarily air-scenting, their dog training involved focusing in on human scents even through piles of rubble and debris.  Search and rescue dogs have since been used in instances of flooding, wildfire, natural disaster, avalanche, drowning and mass casualty events.  When the worst happens, man’s best friend is there to help.