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Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Day Care Services

If you have a furry friend, but don’t have the time to look after it, you can opt for dog day care services. These are places that exercise it and allow it to play and socialize. The video shows what to look out for when you’re choosing a daycare.

Firstly, apart from stimulating and exercising the dogs, they must allow them to rest. An hour of play and an hour of rest is a good sign of a professional daycare.

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Playing all day can end up injuring and tiring your dog out.

The place should have a good dog-to-human ratio. For large dogs, a good ratio is 1:10. For small dogs, 1:15 is ideal. This ensures that there’s someone to control and avoid any problems. The dogs should also be grouped according to size and temperament.

Monitored play time is crucial. There should be a person at all times with the dogs, to prevent accidents and potential scuffles. If there aren’t enough people looking after the dogs, avoid that place.

The place you choose must have an outdoor area. Visit the place and ensure staff is trained. Choose a dog daycare services provider only if you’re happy with it.