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How Old Is Your Dog? Have You Started Training Yet?

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Just under 37% of Americans own at least one dog. And about a quarter of dogs know how to roll over on command. But not all dogs are so well trained, or trained at all. The majority of dog bite victims are males between the ages of five and 15. But proper training could help us to see there be no bite victims at all.

If you are looking for basic dog training tips, the most basic and important one that anyone could ever tell you is that you should not get a dog unless you are going to devote the time and energy into training it. Whether it is hiring a pet trainer, going to pet training classes, or looking online or reading a book for dog obedience training tips and doing it yourself, it is imperative that your dog be trained early and thoroughly.

I highly recommend the dog obedience training tips route, because you should be there learning and experiencing right along side your pup. As she is being trained, she sees that you are the leader, the one enforcing the rules. It builds a better bond and helps to instill you as the alpha.

When it comes to training, patience is key. Just like a child, your dog will not be learning anything on the first go. It can take days to months, depending on the dog and the complexity of the concept that you are trying to teach. Starting simple, getting your dog accustomed to the idea of learning through positive rewarded behavior, is also important. Sit, shake and stay can all be done relatively easily. Sit and Stay, however, are two of the trifecta of necessary commands. Add in Come or Here, and you have your base commands for training and bringing your dog into the outside world. As long as your dog is properly trained and responds immediately to them, you can have complete control over her.

Three incredibly important final notes, think of them as dog obedience training tips too, before you make any decisions. Go to your local shelter. Consider adopting a dog that is over a year old. The shelters are flooded with the poor things, and they can be substantially less work than a puppy. Any of the “mean” breeds, or fighting breeds, can be the biggest, sweetest dogs you have ever seen. Consider them as well. It is only their training and abuse that makes them so mean. And you will not train them that way. And lastly, get them out and socialized with as many dogs as possible, as early as possible. Puppy play classes could save your life. An unfriendly dog is a very difficult dog to control.