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What Denver Veterinarians Know Would Surprise You

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Dalmatians are entirely white when they are born, and Greyhounds get their name not from their color but from an erroneously translated term for the German greishund, or ancient dog. These interesting tidbits are at the tips of the tongues of most Denver veterinarians, who care so much about animals that they take the time to understand each breed and its uniqueness. Speaking of tongues, the typical dog’s mouth, including its tongue, can exert between 150 and 200 pounds per square inch of pressure, while some breeds can exert as much as 450 pounds of pressure. This is just another little interesting fact that Denver veterinarians know about.

Many Denver veterinarians know too about the Wagometer, which Dr. Roger Mugford invented in 2003 that supposedly interprets a dog’s emotions by measuring how much it is wagging its tail. Why does the typical veterinarian denver offers know this? They like to have something to talk about as they care for these beloved pets, since Denver residents treat them like members of their own families. It has been estimated that 27 percent of people who own animals as pets take them to have their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny or Santa, which proves how important these canine family members are to their owners. Of course, these Denver veterinarians offer great services too. They aspire as well to provide the best dog boarding Denver residents can afford and the very top dog grooming Denver pet owners need.