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How a Golden Retriever Is Professionally Groomed

Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs, but their long, flowy coats require a lot of maintenance. Owners should expect to bathe and brush their dogs regularly, but they can also take their dogs to regular appointments at a pet grooming service. Professional groomers help dogs stay clean, healthy, and beautiful.

Video Source

In the video here, a professional groomer goes through all of the steps she normally takes to groom golden retrievers. She starts by clipping the golden’s nails. Clipped nails are more comfortable for dogs, especially ones that spend a lot of time indoors. Next, she bathes the golden, making sure to clean all the way to the skin.

Once the golden is shampooed and thoroughly rinsed, the groomer brings out her high-velocity drier. A normal hairdryer simply can’t do what a high-velocity dryer can do. These dryers blow loose hair out of a dog’s coat and loosen mats by lifting them from the skin.

Once the golden retriever is dry, the groomer can focus on making him beautiful. She finishes working on his nails, brushes through his coat, and trims his fur to create the look his owner wanted.

If you want to own a golden retriever, you may want to look into the cost of professional pet grooming services.