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Do Private High Schools Allow Therapy Pets?

High school can be stressful, but it’s even more stressful for students with mental health conditions. There are numerous ways to help students feel less anxious and stressed, and one of these ways is therapy dogs. Although most high schools don’t allow the use of therapy dogs, numerous institutions and schools allow them, as it is a fun way for students to relax and get rid of their stress.

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Therapy dogs are becoming a new sensation in private high schools. These pets interact and play with stressful or anxious students and help them overcome their negative moods.

However, therapy dogs have numerous benefits. Most students that interact with a pet develop better social skills as they increase their self-esteem and daily interactions. Another great plus of therapy dogs is how they promote physical interactions with students, as they invite them to play and run. Students decrease their blood pressure and feel better after playing with therapy dogs.

Therapy dogs are a great idea to help students overcome their stress and negative thoughts. Positive stimulation and benefits inside a high school are what every student needs, and therapy dogs can offer a better sense of tranquility.