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What Can You Expect From a Local Cat Daycare

Many cat owners may have considered using a local cat daycare but are uncertain because they don’t know what to expect. In the following video, Val from Captain Kidd’s breaks down the requirements to board and answers some of the frequently asked questions from customers. There are three requirements asked of owners before their cats can board at Captain Kidd’s.

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Proof of vaccinations, no sign of respiratory illness, and a flea check with a flea comb to ensure the safety of all their borders. Customers frequently ask about the following: whether owners can bring in their cat’s food and medication and will their cat be entertained. Although Captain Kidd’s does provide meals, it is recommended that you bring your own food if your cat is on a high-end or medicated diet. Your cat’s medication will be provided by the staff; however, you must provide them with any special instructions. All instructions for medication dosage will be reviewed beforehand. However, they do not take cats who are diabetic or who have serious illnesses. In addition, Captain Kidd’s will also provide your cat with a variety of opportunities for entertainment including an Ipad with cat games and a playroom.