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This Raccoon Video Will Make Your Day!

When you see a raccoon in your house, your first reaction is probably to call in the extermination service. However, this YouTuber has adopted a racoon as his very own housepet, seemingly taming her to be a beloved furry friend. Piper has created quite a name for herself on YouTube, becoming one of the internet’s most famous raccoons.

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Piper participated in several experiments, adventures, and excursions with her owners, and this is just one of many videos where you can see this adorable raccoon in her human home. In this video, we will watch Piper determine which popular chip brand is the best, based on taste and texture.

Clearly, Piper loves chips. In fact, she eats quite a few in the very first round! With 8 chips to try, she has no problem grabbing them with her tiny paws and scurrying away to crunch on them. Original Sun Chips beat out the cheddar Sun Chips, and Lays Original barbecue chips annihilate the baked version. Piper adored the chili cheese Fritos versus the originals, and chooses nacho cheese Doritos instead of cool ranch. At the end of the day, Piper’s favorite chip proves to be the mighty nacho cheese Dorito.