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Four Steps to Get Rid of Fleas

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In this YouTube video, Solutions Pest and Lawn discusses different ways of dealing with pesky fleas. Successful fleas removal is determined by more than one factor.

Identifying the fleas, their eggs, and larvae is the first step.

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These critters will be in one of the three stages, depending on their age. Most people notice the adults first, but they only represent about three to five percent of the total infestation.

Finding the source of the flea population is the second step. Do they hitch a ride on the pets or clothing when traveling from the yard to the house? Are there other rodents that have gotten into the home?
Third, pets should be examined and brushed for fleas. Look at the places the pets sleep most often for adult fleas, black pepper, or ground-like coffee specs. Brush the pet and vacuum their sleeping areas.

Fourth, treat yards and rooms with flea treatments that are safe for the family. Treatments can be a liquid, powder, spray, or a combination of the three. Finally, the inside of the house, all the rugs, upholstery, etc., will need to be vacuumed daily until the fleas are gone. Disposing of the vacuum bag or rinsing the vacuum canister helps keep additional eggs from hatching.