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Essential Dog Obedience Training

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Anyone who has ever owned a pet is well aware of the enrichment that dogs and cats can bring to their lives. When those pets are well trained and obedient, the experience of pet ownership can increase 10 fold. This is especially true of dogs, who are much larger, enthusiastic, and sociable to cats. In fact, dogs can often be intimidated to some guests even though they may just be expressing their joy. This is why all dogs should receive at least basic obedience pet training. Professional pet training will teach their dogs to live according to the rules of the dog owners, and, as a result, they will never have to become slaves to their dogs.

As long as canines have inhabited the earth, they have been social animals, and have lived according to an hierarchy. As such, just as ancient wolf packs were commanded by alpha wolves, your dog will happily submit to you when properly trained. Pet training will teach your dog to know his or her place, which is to be submissive to you. Unfortunately, many dog owners will forgo professional pet training and will spoil their dogs. This dog “spoiling” is not doing any favors to themselves or to their dogs, and will only contribute to future problems. Now that owners have the option of utilizing online pet trainers, there is no excuse not to have a suitably trained dog.

No matter how adorable and good natured their dogs are, it can be embarrassing and frustrating to owners when their dogs jump up on guests or steal food from the dinner table. When this happens, the first instinct of the owner is to blame the dog. But they forget that their dogs are animals who, when untrained, will follow their instincts and do whatever pleases them. For this reason, a dog must learn to know his or her place, and that his or her master is the so called “alpha dog”; and it is always the alpha dog is the who makes the rules and enforces them.

When dogs receive quality pet training, they willingly accept their roles. It does not hurt their feelings when owners create boundaries and choose to enforce them. To the contrary, their dogs will respect them more highly for it and follow their rules. After all, most dog breeds have been domesticated to please their owners, and will graciously accept verbal praise for when they do so.