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Can You Lease a Horse?

Horses are wonderful creatures. You can ride them around your property. They are great with kids. They build bonds with people. There is really nothing more relaxing than riding a horse through a pasture on a sunny day.

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Yet, horses can be expensive. You need to pay for food, the vet, and the horse itself. Horses do not come cheap. In this video, you will learn about an alternative option to directly buying a horse.

Believe it or not, leasing a horse is becoming a more common practice. It works similarly to renting a car. However, a horse is just for fun while a car is a necessity. Leasing can be a much more affordable option than buying the horse. This makes it a great option for many people who are just getting their footing. However, it becomes expensive over time. The idea here is to only lease a horse if you are debt free and have enough extra budgeted money to do so. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for debt. The next thing to consider is how long you plan to do this hobby. Leasing is a great way to get your feet wet without a huge upfront cost. However, check the terms of the agreement carefully to see what the minimum time the agreement will remain in affect. You may not be able to cancel it immediately.