Why Should You Neuter Your Pet?

To neuter is to love, okay well maybe not exactly, but when you neuter your pet you are taking the steps to help keep them safe and healthy. SPCA neuter options can be very affordable. Many adoption agencies for pets require that you agree to neuter or spay your pet with good reason.

Spaying applies to female sterilization, and neutering applies to male sterilization. Most people understand that spaying and neutering is an important part of keeping pet populations down, but that is not the only reason it is important for your pet.

Keep Your Fella Home

The urge for a male cat or a male dog to procreate is a driving force. It can promote bad and dangerous behavior. A male dog will break out if a female is in heat in a 1-mile radius to get to her. They will go through great extremes to get to a female in heat, which can result in putting themselves in danger.

A male cat or “tomcat” has the same drive. They will go to extremes to get to a female in the heat without much thought for their own safety. A wandering cat or dog can find themselves in terrible predicaments. Protecting your male pet starts with making sure they are not prone to running off to mate.

Spraying in Male Cats

An “unfixed” male cat will spray his scent everywhere. This strong pungent smell can be nearly impossible to rid your home of. They will pick several spots to mark their territory and you will absolutely know that area has been marked.

When you have your cat neutered at your local vet the spraying stops and everyone can live together happily. The cat will not have the need to mark their territory and you will not have to deal with trying to get the smell out of furniture, carpeting, curtains or any other place.

For Health Reasons

Older pets should visit the vet twice a year. As your pet ages, there are many diseases that can affect their quality of life but if you took the steps to spay or neuter your pet there are several disease worries you will never have to worry about.

Reproductive organs in pets, just like in human family members, can develop cancer. If your dog or cat has been spayed or neutered, they will never get reproductive organ cancers.

Your fur baby deserves a lifetime of good health. Neutering can help to set them up for the good health they deserve.