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Why Should You Neuter Your Pet?

To neuter is to love, okay well maybe not exactly, but when you neuter your pet you are taking the steps to help keep them safe and healthy. SPCA neuter options can be very affordable. Many adoption agencies for pets require that you agree to neuter or spay your pet with good reason.

Spaying applies to female sterilization, and neutering applies to male sterilization. Most people understand that spaying and neutering is an important part of keeping pet populations down, but that is not the only reason it is important for your pet.

Keep Your Fella Home

The urge for a male cat or a male dog to procreate is a driving force. It can promote bad and dangerous behavior. A male dog will break out if a female is in heat in a 1-mile radius to get to her. They will go through great extremes to get to a female in heat, which can result in putting themselves in danger.

A male cat or “tomcat” has the same drive. They will go to extremes to get to a female Continue reading Why Should You Neuter Your Pet?