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The Right Therapeutic Products for Dogs and Horses

A number of animal species have a close relationship to humanity, such as dogs and horses. These four-legged friends provide companionship and labor alike, and in the past, horses were essential for transportation, farm work, and war mounts. Today, no one rides horses into market or battle, but horses are very popular animals for breeding, racing, and recreational riding across the United States. Dogs are not only very popular pets, but they sometimes still perform their time-honored roles as hunting assistants, or for herding animals. Breed names such as golden retriever and German shepherd make this clear. Since these animals have such a close working relationship with people, there is also a whole field of medicine for animals. In fact, some veterinarians specialize in horses in particular, a holdover from when horses were used for most forms of labor. A horse might get an ankle brace sock or an arthritic knee brace, or even warm knee supports for therapy purposes. Dogs may get similar products. A dog recovering from an injury may have warm knee supports fitted onto them, or a dog hock brace or canine leg wraps. Items such as warm knee supports can help a dog or horse stay mobile and recover smoothly.


Most manual labor that horses once performed has been automated, but these animals are prized for racing, leisurely riding, and breeding, ensuring that there is a large industry to support them. Nearly 400 distinct domestic breed horses exist today, all of them grazers. Horses are often well-cared for by their owners, but still, a horse might sometimes sprain an ankle or pull a muscle. A horse might even suffer a bone fracture. Injuries such as these require that a horse doctor look over the animal to diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment plan. How might a horse owner know when to call for help? A horse may show clear signs of distress, such as shifting on its weight from side to side, refusing to move, or refusing to bear weight on its back. This could suggest a pulled muscle, a bone fracture, arthritis, or may something else entirely.

Fortunately for horses and their owners, plenty of horse-friendly therapeutic items are available. A set of warm knee supports can be helpful for a horse recovering from an injury, and a horse may have a brace fitted onto an afflicted leg. This way, a horse may continue to walk or trot without undue discomfort, and a horse’s leg will heal naturally without added stress. Similarly, a horse may have a back pad or a fleece-lined blanket fitted onto it so that any strained muscles can relax while the animal recovers.

Dogs and Therapy

Something similar can be said about nearly any breed of domestic dog. Dogs may suffer from arthritis as they age, just like people, and this can reduce their mobility and cause great discomfort in everyday life as they walk or run. Other times, a dog may suffer from injury, such as on their knees or hock joint. A running dog who snags a paw on a small hole in the ground may sprain that hock joint, and this makes walking or running difficult.

Like with horses, there are recovery options for man’s best friend. Dogs may have warm knee supports or braces fitted onto their legs, and like with horse braces, this allows the animal to walk or run without further stressing the affected limb. On top of that, a dog owner may also invest in a therapeutic dog bed. This is a soft dog bed that can easily accommodate the dog’s body and avoid stressing any of its joints or limbs. This makes it easier for the dog to recover, and such dog beds can be put either out in the open or into a kennel or cage as needed. A dog owner can look for warm knee supports or braces that are the right size for their pet, since dogs are well known for varying greatly in size. A Great Dane will need a different leg brace than a mini Schnauzer, for example. Basic dog anatomy is the same, however, so any dog leg brace will work similarly to others.