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Straw Bedding for Horses Yay oo Neigh?

If you an avid horse lover, or are simply considering adding a horse pen to your barn, you want only the best in terms of bedding. Despite what it may seem, there are many different kinds of horse bedding, ranging from pellet bedding to straw bedding. To find the right resting material for your horse, it is important that you examine the pros and cons of each kind of bedding.

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In this video, we will explore the positive and potential negative effects of using straw bedding in your equestrian stables.

Flax, sawdust, wood pellets, and straw are all popular beddings for horses. Straw is most commonly used for racehorses, causing many to take it as the best option. However, there are a lot of opinions stated as facts in the horse world. Without a doubt, horses diagnosed with respiratory illnesses would benefit from another bedding other than straw. While many believe straw to be dust-free and healthy for a horse’s breathing, a horse with a pre-existing condition should be bed in a different material to prevent their airways from being clogged. While horse bedding ultimately comes down to preference, you should keep in mind your horse’s health as you make your decision.