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How to Train a Dog

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The behavior of a dog does not depend on what breed it is, as much as it does on how it is trained. Dogs are pack animals. When a dog becomes disobedient to the owner it is because the dog sees itself as the alpha dog. Signing the dog up for pet training, or even training at home, could positively alter its behavior by establishing the owner as the alpha of the pack.

Online pet trainer is available for those who do not have obedience schools nearby, but pet owners can also train at home. Training professionals can show owners the best way to establish the alpha dog persona. When choosing to be an at home pet trainer, some simple steps can be taken to ensure the best results.

First, it is best for a pet trainer to stick to one syllable commands. These are considered better because, in the wild, alphas will give commands through a single bark. It is even more effective to include the name of the dog in the command. Dog names should typically be two syllables because it becomes easier for the dog to recognize its name over a command.

When trying to alter bad behavior, positive reinforcement is shown to be least effective. However, negative reinforcement, such as taking away an item the dog enjoys, has been shown to be most effective. For example, if the dog is chewing on a sock, it is best to give a firm no and take away the sock. Alternatively, when the dog is expressing good behavior, giving a treat they enjoy, no matter the size is also effective. In the absence of treats, supplying affection such as petting works just as well.

The pet trainer should also keep in mind that dogs are easiest to train when they receive enough exercise. Taking regular walks can help ensure the dog trains as effectively as possible. The pet trainer should also remain consistent with the commands for each trick so as not to confuse the dog.