How to Profit Off of Pet Day Care Needs

Dog hoop

Are you considering offering dog sitting services in your home? If you are experienced and comfortable around pets, this can be a great way to generate additional income. With 46,300,000 households owning dogs, you will find that there is a large market of people looking for day care services for their pet. Just make sure you are prepared to care for pets in your house with the following preparations.

Obtain necessary licensure through the city

Offering dog sitting services is similar to starting any other business. It is important that you do it legally. Obtain a registration and tax ID number with the city. Make sure you are following all city rules, including breed and size restrictions. Be careful not to skip this step, as you could be faced with large fines and could even be forced to close down your business. Additionally, it is always beneficial to take out an insurance policy, in the event that something happens on your property.

Take training and emergency care classes

If you are going to offer pet sitting services, it is likely that your customers will expect you to be well informed and experienced in all pet matters. It can be helpful to take additional training and emergency care classes. Even if you never have to use these skills, you will find that more customers trust you. If emergency care is needed, you will be prepared to handle the situation.

Create a pet friendly environment

It is also important to create a pet friendly environment within your home and backyard. Make sure the house is pet proofed, which includes removing wires and harmful things can be chewed. You also might want to avoid carpeted areas for pets that are not yet house trained. Your house should also have a good sized backyard to offer exercise to the pets. One of the most common reasons for taking a pet to a pet sitter is to get them sufficient exercise throughout the day. In addition to dog station round cans, you will also need a place for the pets to rest. Make sure you have plenty of kennels for resting time.

Fortunately, there are many resources you can use to improve the pet friendliness of your house. Dog station round cans can be set up around the backyard to easily pick up poop. A single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, so you will want to keep up with dog poop removal. In addition to the dog station round cans, you should also have a good supply of dog poop bags. Finally, schedule a dog poop removal service to come regularly to clean the whole yard.

Plan plenty of exercise

Exercise is an important service to provide to the pets that you take into your house. In addition to having a big backyard to burn off energy, you can further promote exercise with routine walks and even dog course obstacles throughout the backyard. Remember that a dog will need the most exercise between 1.5 and four years of age. However, the exact amount of exercise needed will vary depending on breed, size, and gender. Always ask your pet parents how much exercise their pet is used to and how much they can handle.

There are a large number of people who are pet owners and plan for the daily care of their pets. There is money to be made in this market, as long as you are properly prepared for the requirements of a pet daycare. Make sure you are trained and prepared for emergencies. You will also need plenty of exercise space and dog station round cans can help you keep up with dog feces. Finally, it is important to create a pet friendly environment so that both pets and pet parents feel safe in your house.