Learn More About Protecting Your Pet’s Health

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Whether you have a dog, a cat, or both, you may be interested to learn a few details about these beloved animals. Americans love their pets, and usually consider them to be part of the family.

A Few Interesting Facts About Cats

Were you aware that there are more cats in the United States than any other country? By the last count, there were approximately 76.43 million! Furthermore, around 60 million of these cats are feral.

If you have a cat, how long does he or she sleep? While it may seem that they don’t nap for very long at times, they tend to sleep an average of 16 hours a day.

Have you had your cat spayed or neutered? Recent data shows that 84% of the cats in the United States have had these procedures.

Was your cat a rescue animal? While most pets come from acquaintances and family, 29% are adopted from rescue centers and shelters.

A Few Interesting Facts About Dogs

If you have a dog, you’re in good company. Throughout the United States, between 37% to 47% of households have a dog. This amounts to 46.3 million households!

How did your dog become part of the family? Was he or she a gift from a family member or acquaintance? Perhaps a friend? This is how most pets join their families. About 28%, however, are purchased from breeders, and 29% are adopted from different types of shelters and rescue centers.

What Americans Spend on Their Pets

Have you tallied up what you spend on your pets every year? Since they are loved, you want them to be healthy and happy. Chances are that you spend what is needed along with a bit extra for toys and other special treats.

You may be interested to know how much other Americans spend every year on their pets:

  • Pet food: $20.46 billion
  • Pet supplies and over-the-counter medicine: $12.56 billion
  • Veterinary care: $13.59 billion

How to Protect Your Dog’s and Cat Health

Cat health and dog health are, of course, very important. In addition to wellness visits and vaccinations, your pet may have a pre-existing condition that requires regular veterinary care. When your dog or cat becomes ill or sustains an injury, this can be an emotionally challenging time.

Do you currently have a pet insurance policy for your cat or dog? While these policies don’t cover wellness visits, vaccinations, or pre-existing conditions, they do cover any illnesses or accidents that might occur during your pet’s lifetime.

It is possible, however, to purchase optional pet wellness plans. Vaccinations can also be covered under these optional policy add-ons.

When you take your pets to the veterinarian for regular wellness check-ups, you’re protecting their health. Purchasing pet insurance can assist you with protecting your dog and cat health as well.