How to Choose a Dog Grooming Service

Finding the perfect groomer for your dog is harder than most people would like to assume. Most people never realize this until they get into the actual process of searching for professional dog groomers. Like most professions, there are many dog grooming companies that present themselves as being the best in doggy grooming. The problem is that not all these professional dog grooming or run by qualified professionals. When you leave your dog with professional dog groomers, you are entrusting the life of your dog to such services. There have been cases that pets have actually died after grooming which is why you don’t just pick any dog grooming service that you come across. The question therefore remains-what do you look for in a dog grooming company?

Do Your Research
Most dog groomers are local businesses are you are most likely to find a professional groomer from your area through word-of-mouth. Typically, it makes no sense making long trips just to have your doggy groomed. When starting the search, ask around from family, friends or even your neighbor of any service that they can recommend. You will find that many of these people have also had their dogs groomed and will most likely refer you to their groomer. This however does not automatically qualify as the best recommendation. Once you have a name of a groomer, hang around their salon for a few days and talk to as many doggy owners as possible coming from the salon. You can also try and observe the behavior of the dogs after grooming. In most cases, professional dog groomers tend to experience numerous visits from dog owners. This is your opportunity to collect views on the kind of services to expect. You can also use independent review sites to check out a local grooming service. Check if there are any complaints that have been posted and if you come across numerous complains, perhaps you might want to keep looking.

Do a Physical Evaluation of the Groomer
When it comes to choosing professional dog groomers, you need to physically verify the process of dog grooming before making the ultimate decision about a service. The evaluation should be all-rounded starting with the credentials of the groomer. Ask about how long they have been in business and what kind of training they have had in dog grooming. There are also various professional bodies that are specifically for pet groomers. If a groomer belongs to any of these organizations, that should further enhance their credibility. Most pet grooming salons have a glass door or window where you can actually see what is happening. Take some time if you have any to watch the grooming process. The whole idea is to get a feel of how dog grooming service ensures the safety of the pets when they are being groomed. For example, many groomers have a grooming noose that is supposed to offer some restraint if the dog tries to pull away. If the groomer is using a noose, they should stay very close to the table because in the event that the dog falls or jumps while still on the noose, it could lead to the dog being strangled. Lastly, professional groomers are very gentle in the way they handle the dogs-even when dealing with a very problematic pet. You don’t want to leave your dog with groomers who are out to prove that they are the boss or use excessive force to keep the dog still.