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4 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Dog to Daycare

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If you are a dog owner, you likely view your pet as an important member of your family. And if so, you aren’t alone! The United States is home to over 75 million pet dogs—more than any other country—and of those, almost half of dogs in the U.S. sleep in their owner’s beds. As such, we’re all looking for ways to improve the quality and longevity of our pets’ lives: feeding them organic pet food, taking trips to the dog park, and jogging around the neighborhood.

But why not give your dog a little pampering, too? When you send your dog to a daytime pet daycare and groomer, you can help them feel healthier and happier. Below are the top four benefits to signing your pooch up for daycare.

1. Dog daycare isn’t just for overnight boarding.

In fact, daycare for pets comes with a variety of benefits for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Your dog can play in an outdoor, open space, socializing with other dogs and exercising more frequently. Simply drop your pup off on your way to work in the morning, and then pick them up on the way home! You can also drop your dog off on weekends while you run errands.

Depending on the routine that you want to create for your pet, you can sign them up for daycare as often as you prefer. In addition to daytime care, overnight, cage-free boarding services are also available. Our services are designed to make your dog comfortable when they are in our care.

2. At daycare, a grooming company can give your pup a haircut.

If you or your family has a demanding schedule, bath time is one facet of pet care that often gets overlooked. In addition to general daycare, a grooming company is available on site. A professional grooming company can shampoo and trim your dog’s coat during their day of play. This saves you additional time, as well as another appointment or trip across town.

Grooming, in addition to daycare, is designed with your dog’s health and comfort in mind. At the end of the day, you’ll pick up a happy, clean cut pooch!

3. If you work long hours, daycare can help your pup stay on their routine.

Creating a consistent routine is an important part of maintaining your dog’s health. But if you have a long commute or a demanding work schedule, it can be difficult to walk, feed, and play with your dog on a regular schedule. At daycare, a professional team watches your dog and keeps their routine in mind, minimizing stress on both you and your pet.

With daycare services, you can trust that your dog—no matter their age—is being cared for by fun and qualified professionals.

4. Your dog can have extra room to romp around, leash free!

Socialization is another important aspect of your dog’s health that’s easily overlooked when you’re short on time. Daycare can give your dog plenty of space to play with other dogs. This can incorporate more exercise and socialization into your pet’s routine. They may also feel more comfortable with other breeds of dogs, making future trips to the dog park go smoother.

How to Choose a Dog Grooming Service

Finding the perfect groomer for your dog is harder than most people would like to assume. Most people never realize this until they get into the actual process of searching for professional dog groomers. Like most professions, there are many dog grooming companies that present themselves as being the best in doggy grooming. The problem is that not all these professional dog grooming or run by qualified professionals. When you leave your dog with professional dog groomers, you are entrusting the life of your dog to such services. There have been cases that pets have actually died after grooming which is why you don’t just pick any dog grooming service that you come across. The question therefore remains-what do you look for in a dog grooming company?

Do Your Research
Most dog groomers are local businesses are you are most likely to find a profess Continue reading How to Choose a Dog Grooming Service