3 Tips on How to Minimize Allergic Reactions

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Dog and cat skin allergies affect so many people, but they also affect the pets themselves. We’ve all been around (or been) that one person who just can’t function around animals.

They going on rapid-fire sneezing sprees, they can’t get a single breath in without a sniffle, their eyes look like the side of a fire hydrant, and they’re always scratching their face, eyes, and body because of those itchy cats and dogs.

But despite their negative allergic affects, these pets are still too adorable to not have. So people suffer through the sneezing, scratching, crying, and not breathing.

There are a few things you should do and mainly not do if you have bad dog and cat skin allergies and you have to be around these pets a lot.

Get Fresh Air

If you live with or are around pets for hours at a time and have bad allergies, it is absolutely imperative that you get as much fresh air as possible. If you can, be right near a door or winder at all times so you at least have some fresh air reaching you. If your allergic reactions are really kicking in, just go outside for a few minutes until it calms down. Gently pressing a cold bottle of water to your face can help sooth the pain… at least temporarily.

Wash Everything

Obviously you should wash any clothes that you wore around the pets if you have serious dog and cat skin allergies, but it’s also very important to wash anything else the pets might have touched. Wash the floors, wash the furniture, wash any walls they might’ve been rubbing up to, and make sure to wash them all thoroughly.

Keep Clean Pets

If it’s unavoidable and you have to live with pets for an extended period of time, the best thing you can do is to make sure they are as clean and healthy as possible. There are natural pet products like all natural pet shampoos that can make them feel as fresh as possible. It should be able to help or at least minimize the allergic reactions.

Pets can be wonderful and adorable companions and they can also cause major issues. Being able to balance the two and keep the pets healthy and stop your face from exploding can be tricky. Hopefully these can help!
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