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Online Dog Dating Allows Pet Owners the Chance to Make Their Pets Happy

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Brittney doesnot like the cat that walks around the circle. Although her owners are uncertain how their beagle can see the irritating cat across the street and down a house and in the bushes, Brittney always knows when the menacing cat is hiding over there!
She loves him so much! Peanut has been with with your friend ever since her husband died. The loyal miniature schnauze has given your friend so much joy! Unfortunately, the beloved pet is now 14 and his health is starting to fail because of an enlarged heart and collapsed trachea. With medication your friend hopes to have him for a while. Tonight, however, instead of going out for the once a month dinner with the group, she will be home cuddling with her Peanut!
Pet Owners Look for Ways to Make Their Animals a Part of Their Home and Family
Even if you have never had a pet of your own, you likely know someone who has an animal that is like a member of the family. That cat or that dog may be the first one to greet you every time that you visit; the last one still watching you from the window when you leave. Pets in America are important part of many households. In fact, a 2012 survey indicated that 62% of American households included at least one pet. And not surprisingly, Americans spent more than $50 billion on their treasured dogs, cats, and other animal companions.
In spite of their love for their pets, a majority of the pet owners in America have to leave their pets when they are at work. And while this may have been common and acceptable in generations past, a growing number of pet owners understand that their pets need more than an empty and silent home during the long days their owners are at work. As a result, 2000 survey indicated that 38% of pet owners call home during work to check on their pets. Some take the time and money to hire a service to come walk their pet during the work day.
According to animal research, dogs do get lonely when they are left at home alone for extended periods of time, Even 20 minutes of social interaction with a walker, however, can help a pet avoid the anxiety that many animals experience during their owner’s absence. Additionally, the possibility of meeting other humans on the street during the walk can go a long way toward improving a dog?s mood.
And while some pet owners look for dog walkers or daycare centers to help keep their pets happy, other pet owners look for more interaction with other animals.
Dog Dating Sites Help Pet Owners Find Suitable Playmates and Companions for Their Animals
Mate My Dog services and other dating sites can help pet owners ensure that their pet has enough social interaction to avoid the separation anxiety that long days at home alone can cause. And while not all pet owners are looking for Mate My Dog services to help them produce puppies to sell, this is also a reason that so many similar services are growing in popularity. What could be more comforting, for example, than a treasured pet having a younger dog child to keep him or her company during the day?
And while many metropolitan area pet owners may be willing to spend as much as $100 a week to have someone stop by and entertain their animals, other owners are looking at different options. For example, an investment of both time and sometimes money with a mate my dog service provides a different kind of companionship for stay at home pets. The opportunity, for example, for a female dog to mother one or two puppies is an excellent way to keep pets satisfied and content carrying for a litter.
Dog playdates are one more way that pet owners can show their animals that they are part of the family. Mate my dog sites are a way for pet owners to select their future pet. Foo the r many Americans, owning a pet is a serious commitment, not only to the physical well being of their pet but the social and emotional well being too.