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Traveling With Pets? Keep These Pet Friendly Tips in Mind

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Summers are often filled with traveling and vacations. With 46,300,000 households owning dogs, more and more families are choosing to travel with their pets. Traveling with pets can be worthwhile, as long as you have properly prepared. In order to plan the perfect summer vacation with your four legged friends, keep these pet friendly tips in mind.

Research pet friendly accommodations
Not every lodging and accommodation allows pets. Some are pet friendly, but have specific restrictions, such as pet breed, size, and number of pets. It is necessary to previously research potential accommodations when you are planning to travel with your pets. Look for hotels or house rentals that are pet friendly. Always inform the company that you will be bringing pets and ensure that you are aware of any special pet policies. Some property management companies may charge additional pet fees or an additional pet damage deposit.

Plan for comfortable travel
You will also want to plan for comfortable travel for your pet. If you are flying, you will need to choose an airline that allows pets to board. If you are taking a road trip, consider creating a sleeping area for your pet. Line the back of the vehicle with blankets and ensure that they have access to water and food, for longer road trips. It is also important to keep in mind that you will have to make frequent stops for your pet. It can be helpful to previously research some of the most pet friendly stops along the route. According to a 2016 report from the Trust for Public Lands, nearly every major city has at least one dog park.

Bring plenty of dog poop bags
Because you will be making plenty of stops, you will want a large supply of poop bags. Dog bag dispensers can easily be added to the leash or to a backpack for quick access. When you are traveling, it is extremely important to always pick up after your pet. Your hotel accommodations can charge you extra for pet cleaning fees in the yard or pet run area. If you do not pick up with poop bags at local park stops, you can actually be fined. Most cities have imposed fines, sometimes up to $750, if you do not clean up after your dog in a public area. Not having poop bags on you is not an appropriate reason for not picking up.

Living quarters
If your pet sleeps in dog crates or is caged up at home, you will want to create a similar process when away from home. Some pets can experience anxiety in a new location. Bringing their familiar crate or bedding can be helpful in easing this anxiety. A crate is also helpful in the event you have to lock your pet up in the rental house or hotel room. Even if you do not plan on crating your pet, it is beneficial to bring one, just in case.

Entertainment supplies
This is a vacation for your pet too. They will also require entertainment supplies. Bring some of their toys from home or purchase new ones, specifically for the vacation. Dog park supplies and outdoor dog play equipment is helpful for getting a pet used to a new outdoor area. These outdoor activities are also a great idea for encouraging exercise and for burning energy to prepare for longer road trips. Some pets get restless in the car, and these toys can make the trip easier for everyone.

More and more vacationers are choosing to travel with their pets. Traveling with pets is a possibility, as long as you properly prepare ahead of time. You will have to find specific pet friendly accommodations, prepare for comfortable travel, bring enough poop bags and park supplies, and be prepared to make frequent stops. Bringing toys and familiar items from home can also make the trip more comfortable for your pet.