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Honor Your Pet With Unique Stones

Pet memorial markers

Research shows that grief for a pet is as intense as that for a human family member. After U.S. humans have spend at least 500 million USD on food each year, it is easy to see why. Having pet memorial markers, like pet memorial stones, are a great way to honor pets as they pass from your life.

Using pet memorial stones can be a fitting tribute. These stones can often be made of river stone, which gives them a character hard to replicate. Certain pet memorial stones can also be made of granite, which lasts for many generations, and ensures your pet can be remembered forever.

What is more, pet memorial stones can be used for any pet. 39 percent of U.S. households have at least one dog, and 34 have one or more cat. Over the years, pet memorial stones have evolved to suit the needs of both animals.

Having pet memorial stones is a wonderful way to remember those who passed on. Where ever you choose to bury them, you will know that pet memorial stones engrave their memories for generations to come. Your pet has a soul that left his body. His memory will stay on earth forever.