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Why You Should Get Boots for Your Horse

About 7 million people ride horses in the United States every year. Horses work hard and are, therefore, prone to strain. While they can withstand massive weights and stress, high-quality leg protection ensure that the horse is free from injury. Investing in high-quality boots and horse wraps is one of the best ways to protect your horse. Equine horse boots protect the legs during riding, injury rehabilitation, and lunging.

The most important reason why you should boot your horse is to prevent injury. While there is a lot of advancement in treatment, injuries-especially in the tendons, will require long periods of rehabilitation and rest. Proper booting supports the tendons and hence reduces fatigue during work.

Remember both the front and hind legs are prone to bruising and cuts. Without external support, your horse can easily damage the ligaments, tendons, and split bones. Regardless of whether you keep a horse for companion or racing, it is prudent to protect it wit Continue reading Why You Should Get Boots for Your Horse